Changing Ways

A graphic novel series by Justin Randall


David Barrot

Cynical, Insomniac, family man, ex Prison Guard.

David moved with his wife and daughter to the small town of Grey Oaks (after an ‘incident’ at his previous job) in order to settle down to a quieter life. Some weeks before our story begins David finds himself infected with strange markings appearing across his chest. He has been spending many late nights researching the bizarre goings on in his town, hoping that he can prevent any possible harm coming to his family. David has witnessed the effects of his markings but would prefer that no one finds out, especially his family.

Lucy Barrot

Protective, determined, resourceful, pregnant with David’s second child.

Lucy has no idea of the extent to which the markings have been occurring. She is aware of strange outbreaks reported in the local paper and that David has been keeping a keen eye on any updates but she does not know of his own markings or the samples he has been gathering in his workshop.

Jessie Barrot

Inquisitive, observant, loves her cat Powder, daughter of David & Lucy.

Jessie likes to stay up late and help her father in his workshop at night. She loves her parents and is very mature despite being only six years old. Jessie has a big secret that she’s yet to tell her parents.

Joseph Ferguson

Reclusive, hard working, stubborn, neighbor to David & Jessie.

Joseph lives on a nearby farm with his wife Marcy and their dog. They keep to themselves and like it that way. They live hard, work hard and don’t like changes.

Marcy Ferguson

Wife to Joseph, a victim of change and all-round unlucky in life.

Marcy never wanted much, just a simple lifestyle in a friendly town. There’s no way she could have prepared for the brutal transition that would soon engulf her.

Chandler & Getley

Straight talking, foul mouthed, light hearted, local police.

Chandler and Getley are the local Sheriff and deputy respectively. They spend much of their time making jokes of the local residents and coming up with conspiracy theories on everything from crop circles to missing persons. They’re good at their jobs but have rarely been challenged in the field.


Hyperactive, unpredictable, ex-cult member.

Conflicted with his faith, Michael is a lost soul with a good heart whose enthusiasm for life is often misunderstood by episodes of mental instability.


Disturbed, pissed off, self-established leader of a group of social misfits.

Eric doesn’t have many friends, and those that are know it’s best to keep on his good side. Driven by a bitter and twisted hatred for the small town he grew up in, Eric and his followers are hell bent on a bloody trail of vengeance.

Ruben Lacey

Alcoholic, ex boxer, small time criminal.

Ruben was once a 1st rate boxer, well on his way to making a name for himself. A spinal injury and 3 years of abusing pain medication and his life was now in ruins. He moved to Grey Oaks to escape the limelight and drink himself into oblivion.