Changing Ways

A graphic novel series by Justin Randall

Changing Ways book 2 behind the scenes part 18


The number one question I’m asked by people wanting to do comics is, “how long does it take to do a page?” If I don’t factor in the role of writer and just focus on the art, it would be something like this.

30 minutes to sketch a layout for  a page and make sure all dialogue fits well with the rest of the composition.

1-5 hours of photography, depending on locations and travel.

1-2 hours to mock up the page with photo templates.

1 hour to sketch additional non-photo based content.

30 minutes to add mock copy and loose voice bubbles (for the letterer, when needed).

2 hours to draw the page in pencil.

1-2 hours to paint the page (water and ink).

30 minutes to scan and prep the artwork for Photoshop.

2-4  hours to add everything else (color, light, shadow etc).

Which adds up to Approx 13hrs per page 🙂


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