Changing Ways

A graphic novel series by Justin Randall

Changing Ways book 2 behind the scenes part 17


I used to paint traditional canvases black before I would commence a painting. For me it makes more sense to darken a landscape and then add light as light sources are naturally introduced. I use this same principle for my comic pages.

All my artwork in Adobe Photoshop is grayscale to begin with. I’ll then add 2 ‘darkness’ layers, both filled with black at a 50% opacity with Layer Masks. This allows me to darken a scene and then create that ‘glow’ effect by selectively removing areas of darkness with a soft brush. Additional shadows are then added on another layer with solid black at a 10-30% fill.

After that I’ll create 3-5 different layers for lighting with most detail and attention being given to faces as these are anchor points for the human eye. Below you can see a step by step for a single panel from book 2.

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