Changing Ways

A graphic novel series by Justin Randall

Changing Ways book 2 behind the scenes part 15


I’ve attached a couple of maps from the archives of Book 1 but to make sure it’s not just a post about book 1, I’ve also attached a frame sample from book 2. 🙂

When I’m plotting out a scene I’ll sometimes draw quick maps to work out camera navigation and POV.The map on the left is the Barrot farm house. I needed to make sure that I had a floor plan that would meet the needs of the script. The map on the right shows the barn house where the Barrot family camped out towards the end of book 1. This was sketched out so I could keep a check of where the town was and the direction they were travelling. Take a look at the van and you may notice it’s facing a different direction in the book, and here’s why…

When writing a driving scene I’ll often imagine the protagonists travelling from left to right (a treatment often seen in films). In this case, the road bends to the left and for me, that suggests a form of backtracking (this guideline really only applies to vehicles that are being used for long distance travelling). Therefore, it helps maintain a sense of visual progression if a principle vehicle generally moves in one primary direction.


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