Changing Ways

A graphic novel series by Justin Randall

Changing Ways book 2 behind the scenes part 10


Okay, so technically this isn’t from book 2 but it’s still kinda cool. Here’s some art from book 1 that was never published. If you’ve got Changing Ways book 1, check out page 23 and compare it to the image you see below. This was originally how Marcy Ferguson was portrayed. The technique I used is the same but this art was way too raw and rough. In fact, about 15 pages from book 1 were completely redrawn because the art wasn’t how I liked it.

Marcy Ferguson and her husband had a very rough ride in book 1 but you only got a taste of what actually happened to them. Eventually there will be some published side stories for Changing Ways where we’ll get to go back in time and view these events and learn what actually transpired.

I can guarantee that no character (small or large) was created without his/her own fleshed out story and I’m really excited to be able to share these in the future.



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